• Collecting Roses in China
    by Campbell Davidson, The Rosebank Letter, 1998, provides a reference for three of the Arboretums' roses.


  • In a Cold Land: Saskatchewan's Horticultural Pioneers
    by Sara Williams delves into the lives of plant breeders and the origins of many cultivars in the Arboretum.
  • Manual of Woody Landscape Plants
    by Michael A. Dirr is a comprehensive guide to northern temperate woody plants in cultivation.
  • Trees of Canada
    by John Laird Farrar describes all of Canada's native trees and some of the larger shrubs.
  • The Sibley Guide to Trees
     by David Allen Sibley describes all native North American trees and some introduced species.
  • Woody Ornamentals for the Prairies
    by Hugh Knowles lists many of the woody plants in the Arboretum collection, an essential reference book for the Prairie region.