Plants from Saskatchewan's prairies, aspen parkland and boreal forest

Eleagnus commutata, silverberry or wolf willow, a typical shrub of open prairies

Saskatchewan's native plants survive in habitats as varied as near-arctic conditions in the extreme northeast, to semi-arid desert-like conditions in the southwest. Boreal forest covers the majority of the province in jackpine and white spruce, while the south is mostly grasslands dotted with aspen bluffs and river-bottom cottonwood forests. An anomaly are the Cypress Hills, whose elevation and subsequent plant life is comparable the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.

Saskatoon exists in the Aspen Parkland eco-region, defined by stands of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides).

20-5 1966 Abies balsamea balsam fir NE N Am Pinaceae
15-28 2012 Acer spicatum mountain maple E N Am Sapindaceae
3-32 2011 Alnus incana speckled alder N N Am Betulaceae
17-1 2012 Alnus incana subsp. tenuifolia mountain alder W N Am Betulaceae
3-62 2006 Amelanchier alnifolia Saskatoon serviceberry W N Am Rosaceae
3-59 2006 Amelanchier sanguinea roundleaf serviceberry E N Am Rosaceae
11-39 2007 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi kinnikinnick or bearberry Eu – Asia – N Am Ericaceae
23-48 2017 Artemesia cana silver sagebrush W N Am Asteraceae
8-1.1 2012 Betula neoalaskana Alaska paper birch, resin birch NW N Am Betulaceae
1-24 2015 Betula occidentalis water birch W N Am Betulaceae
8-4 1966 Betula papyrifera white or paper birch N Am Betulaceae
10-1 1974 Betula pumila var. glandulifera bog birch N Am Betulaceae
10-10.2 2007 Celastrus scandens American bittersweet C and E N Am Celastraceae
10-12.1 2013 Clematis ligusticifolia western white clematis W N Am Ranunculaceae
19-17 1974 Cornus sericea red-osier dogwood N N Am Cornaceae
7-24 2013 Corylus americana American hazel E N Am Betulaceae
3-20 2006 Corylus cornuta beaked hazel N N Am Betulaceae
10-4 1966 Crataegus chrysocarpa round-leaved hawthorn N Am Rosaceae
12-1 1972 Crataegus douglasii Douglas hawthorn N & W N Am Rosaceae
25-2.1 2019 Crataegus douglasii black hawthorn W N Am Rosaceae
12-6 1981 Crataegus macracatha (succulenta) fleshy hawthorn N Am Rosaceae
5-12 2006 Diervilla lonicera northern bush-honeysuckle C & E N Am Diervillaceae
24-13.1 1966 Elaeagnus commutata silverberry or wolf willow W- C N Am Eleagnaceae
23-46 2011 Empetrum nigrum black crowberry N N Am – N Asia Ericaceae
16-2 1975 Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. austinii Austin green ash E N Am Oleaceae
2-5 1966 Fraxinus pennsylvanica var. subintegerrima green ash E N Am Oleaceae
13-28 2011 Juniperus horizontalis creeping juniper N N Am Cupressaceae
19-20 2013 Juniperus scopulorum Rocky Mountain juniper W N Am Cupressaceae
25-10.1 2009 Larix laricina tamarack N & E N Am Pinaceae
21-46 2014 Linnea borealis twinflower N Am, Europe, Asia Caprifoliaceae
3-60 2011 Lonicera caerulea var. villosa mountain fly honeysuckle N Am Caprifoliaceae
3-60 2013 Lonicera caerulea var. villosa mountain fly honeysuckle N Am Caprifoliaceae
10-1.1 2019 Lonicera dioica twining honeysuckle N & E N Am Caprifoliaceae
10-2.1 2012 Lonicera dioica (?) twining honeysuckle N & E N Am Caprifoliaceae
1-26 1971 Lonicera involucrata twinberry honeysuckle N Am Caprifoliaceae
3-55 2012 Lonicera oblongifolia swamp fly honeysuckle E N Am Caprifoliaceae
13-1 2012 Myrica gale sweet gale N N Am – N Eurasia Myricaceae
1-1 1974 Parthenocissus inserta thicket creeper C & E N Am Vitaceae
18-23 1967 Picea glauca white spruce N N Am Pinaceae
20-8 1966 Pinus banksiana jack pine N & E N Am Pinaceae
25-10 2007 Pinus contorta var. latifolia lodgepole pine W N Am Pinaceae
6-7 2007 Populus angustifolia narrowleaf cottonwood W N Am Salicaceae
25-8 1968 Populus deltoides plains cottonwood C N Am Salicaceae
25-2 1972 Populus x acuminata Rydberg's smooth bark cottonwood C N Am Salicaceae
7-41 1966 Potentilla fruticosa shrubby cinquefoil or potentilla N A – Eurasia Rosaceae
18-4 1966 Prunus americana wild source plum C & E N Am Rosaceae
19-13 2006 Prunus pumila var. besseyi western sandcherry C N Am Rosaceae
18-26 2018 Prunus virginiana chokecherry N Am Rosaceae
16-1 1968 Quercus macrocarpa burr oak C & E N Am Fagaceae
15-4 2014 Rhamnus alnifolia alder-leaved buckthorn N Am Rhamnaceae
9-37 1969 Rhus trilobata skunkbush W N Am Anacardiaceae
9-45 1967 Ribes americanum American black currant C & E N Am Grossulariaceae
9-38 1972 Ribes aureum golden currant W N Am Grossulariaceae
9-43 1967 Ribes hirtellum hairystem gooseberry C & E N Am Grossulariaceae
9-41 1974 Ribes oxycanthoides Canada gooseberry N N Am Grossulariaceae
23-23 2010 Rosa acicularis prickly rose N N Am - N Eurasia Rosaceae
23-26 2018 Rosa arkansana prairie rose C N Am Rosaceae
2-1.1 2018 Rubus strigosus American red raspberry N Am Rosaceae
3-5 2011 Salix bebbiana Bebb willow N N Am Salicaceae
1-41 2008 Salix candida sageleaf willow C N Am Salicaceae
1-17 2007 Salix discolor pussy willow N N Am Salicaceae
1-35 2010 Salix discolor pussy willow C N Am Salicaceae
1-36 2014 Salix lutea yellow willow C & W N Am Salicaceae
19-1 2014 Salix pedicellaris bog willow N N Am Salicaceae
1-18 2018 Salix pelita satiny willow C & E N Am Salicaceae
9-2 2013 Salix petiolaris meadow willow C N Am Salicaceae
1-19 2014 Salix pyrifolia balsam willow C & E N Am Salicaceae
1-20 2015 Sallix amygdaloides peachleaf willow North America Salicaceae
18-16 1973 Shepherdia argentea silver buffaloberry W N Am Rosaceae
21-34 2017 Shepherdia canadensis Canada buffaloberry W & N N Am Eleagnaceae
9-16 1991 Spiraea alba narrow-leaved meadowsweet C & E N Am Rosaceae
5-3 2014 Symphoricarpos albus snowberry N Am Caprifoliaceae
5-7 2008 Symphoricarpos occidentalis buckbrush N Am Caprifoliaceae
4-9 1966 Ulmus americana American elm C & E N Am Ulmaceae
5-30 2011 Viburnum edule low-bush cranberry N Am, NE Asia Adoxaceae
5-22 1966 Viburnum lentago nannyberry C & E N Am Adoxaceae
5-28 2016 Viburnum trilobum high bush cranberry N Am Adoxaceae